Swedish Lapland Vol 3. – Laponia

58 min + 47 min bonus (2013)

Author and fisherman Gunnar Westrin, and Palle Andersson, his constant fishing companion, encounter the mighty mountains of Laponia, a World Heritage site, as well as the surrounding countryside. Here we can still experience the dream of tranquillity, grandeur and solitude, meet the silent peaks, those giants that have been our companions since the land was first created.

In the shadow of mighty Mount Ahkká, our friends fulfil their quest when they meet shy char and aggressive trout. Together with Lars Ivan Tuolja, himself a native Same, the experience is sublime, including living in a traditional Lappish tipi or tent, a summer dwelling that’s been used for hundreds of years. This area has been the scene of high drama, as the earth-moving machines have been waiting in ambush for several years. Evil spirits have tried to conquer the last of these flowing waters, phantoms that would like nothing better than to take control of Sweden’s last major char waters.

The film focuses on genuine companionship, fly fishing in rarely-seen dramatic waters, and the feeling of achievement when the char and trout are finally on the hook.
The graceful white-tailed eagle soars over the eternal horizons and in the valleys we can hear the call of the grouse. The silence of life is almost overpowering.
The bonus material includes tips about flies and equipment, as well as information about the fishing.

“Laponia” is part of the ”Swedish Lapland” series with Gunnar Westrin, which also includes “Kaitum” and “Rostu”.

The film is available as Streaming/DVD on Flyfishingfilms.com