Connemara Ireland

61 min + 5 min bonus (2016)

The Land, The Sea, The People and The Fishing! This is a documentary from an exciting part of Ireland where fly fishing has long traditions. Michael Wade from Delphi Lodge is our host in this trip around Connemara. Delphi Lodge has long traditions as a hunting and fishing lodge all the way back to the 1830’s.

The fishing for salmon and sea-trout at Delphi takes part in the Bundorragha River and the lakes Fin Lough, Doo Lough and Glencullin. One historical moment in the film is when a salmon over 20 lbs is landed in Rock Pool. This is the largest salmon in over 40 years! David McEvoy, the Fishery Manager, picks Daddy Longlegs from the meadows in the valley for the sea-trout fishing with the traditional Dapping method.

We are also fishing for brown trout in the Great Western Lakes on the edge of Connemara. Here we use the traditional Lough Style method, which has its own fly patterns. The fishing guides and good friends Niall and Fran takes us out on Lough Mask and gives us a very special insight in this fishing method, which they practice with passion every day throughout the whole season.

Connemara has an exciting landscape, an interesting history and above all a very friendly people. All this is combined with fishing in this kind of a different type of fishing film.
As bonus material we get some tackle and fly tips for the lake fishing for trout.

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